above garage door storage racks

above garage door storage racks

 Indeed, when you don’t have any space to store your things, it is great to realize above garage door storage. As clear as the name suggests, it is the storage made right above garage door and right below the garage ceiling. There are many ideas you can try to realize this kind of storage. So, you don’t have to stick to one common idea, if you are willing to spend more time, effort, and money to realize the others. Let us tell you 5 of them here.

Above Garage Door Storage Idea #1 One-Tier Shelf

 Let’s start with the most common of all. Yes, one-tier shelf is the one. You will need to hang plank of wood from the ceiling right above the garage door. Usually, it is made in U shape with additional storage space in the upper right and left walls of the garage. This storage above garage door should give you ample space to store your things in boxes so that they won’t just lie around on the floor.

Above Garage Door Storage Idea #2 Two-Tier Shelf

One-tier shelf won’t be the limitation of your garage storage design idea. Adding one more tier below the first one is good to consider too. Of course, this is not something you can realize unless you still have some space to use below the first tier. It does not have to have the same height of space. As long as it is enough to give you more space to store your stuff, any height will do just fine. Above Garage Door Storage Idea #3 Loft Stairs Storage This above garage door storage we have this time is rather complicated for you will have to make loft above the garage door. It is usually more ample in its space and it has stairs to go up there. However, rather than making normal stair, you can combine the loft with stairs storage. You can utilize the space below the stairs as storage in square spaces, giving you more places to store things. Above Garage Door Storage Idea #4 Garage Loft If you want to focus on having storage space on the loft only, you can simply make garage loft without stairs storage. Just make simple stairs next to one side of garage walls. For the loft though, be sure to make it more spacious than the space that shelf storage can offer. Even when you have to storage below the stairs, the loft will make up for it. Isn’t it one nice idea of garage storage designs? Above Garage Door Storage Idea #5 Railing Loft If you plan on making loft in your garage, you should make it a nice place to look at. So, don’t make it too ordinary. You can be sure to make railing loft instead. So, have your loft fenced with rails. This will make it look like a second floor to live in. That way, you can rest assured too if your children happen to stay close to the end of the loft where the rails are. Above garage door storage sure has various interesting ideas you can consider to try. 

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