Pink and Grey Bathroom Decoration Style can be Done in 3 Simple Steps

Pink and grey bathroom decoration style can be something unique and stylish. Some people may think that combination of pink and grey is strange. It can be true if you put the wrong proportion of each color for the combination. Pink and grey are eye catching colors. Pink is associated with love, romance, and beauty. Weather grey can be associated with warm and cool at the same time. There are some simple tips of pink and grey color combination to décor your bathroom. Surely, pink and grey bathroom decoration style will be stunning and amazing.

Paint the Wall in Grey

The first simple step to start decorating your bathroom can be started from the wall. Choose light grey for the wall color. You can simply paint it in pale grey or using grey tiles. You can find any grey paint easily from the store. To do the painting, you can do it by yourself. Use a paint roller and brushes. It will not take much of time. If you have small bathroom, using pink and grey bathroom decoration style can make your small bathroom looks more spacious than its actual size by painting the wall in grey.

You can also use grey tiles for the wall. There are many designs and styles of tiles that available in the market nowadays. It’s better to choose the simple one. The other option for decorating the wall can be done using wall art sticker. It is made from vinyl. A good material that has water resistant feature and easily to be maintained. So, there are many options for you to get grey color for your bathroom wall.

Use Pink Floor Tiles

Now, let’s move to the floor. You can try to give it pink color. For the flooring, there are many option for you. The best one is by laminating floor. Laminating floor for pink and grey bathroom decoration style can be done in simple way. There are many types of floor laminating that enable you to install it without using gules, nails, or staples. You just need to stick them together upper your existing floor because it has lock system, just like puzzle. It will save much of your time, your energy, and your budget. For the laminating floor, there are many materials that can be used. But, because it will be used in the bathroom, ceramics will be the best choice.

Ceramics are very famous for its quality and durability. Of course it has water resistant feature, suitable to be used for bathroom. You can get any pink ceramics for the floor easily from many stores. Using ceramics will give you benefits in terms of cleaning and maintaining. To clean the ceramics laminating floor, no need to use special tools, just do it regularly. By keeping the ceramics clean, it means you maintain it in the good condition. Your pink and grey bathroom laminating floor will be always in the good condition because of its high quality and durability.
Add More Pink Bathroom Accessories
For the accessories and stuffs, use pink color. Let’s start with the bath tub. You can put a pink bath tub in your bathroom. It will look nice and cute. A great combination and addition for your grey bathroom wall. For the size, it depends on you. Just make sure that the bath tub fit properly in your bathroom. The other stuffs for pink and grey bathroom decoration style is the mirror. A mirror has vital role in your bathroom. It reflects the style and beauty of your bathroom decoration style. If you have a small bathroom, a mirror that is placed in the proper location can make your bathroom looks more spacious than its actual size.

The other stuffs such as towels, soap dishes, wastebaskets, and others should also in the pink color. It will create fun and enjoyable atmosphere in your bathroom. Your bathroom will look modern and nice. Then, the other important things for your pink and grey bathroom decoration style is the lighting. Make sure that the lighting match with your decoration style because if you use inappropriate lighting, it can spoil your decoration style easily. Using LED lighting will be a good choice for you. So, having pink and grey bathroom decoration style is stunning and nice.


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