refinish kitchen cabinets cost

refinish kitchen cabinets cost

 When it comes to refinish kitchen cabinets, you will have the easy alternative and affordable ways to reface those cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets start showing their age, refinishing those cabinets can be the best solution that you have to do. Besides that, refinishing kitchen cabinets also belongs to the excellent way in giving your kitchen new appearance without spending your savings to realize it. If you buy the ones for replacing your old or broken kitchen cabinets, you need to dig your savings. However, if you refinish them, you just spend a few costs. How to refinish your kitchen cabinets? Here are some steps which can be considered.

Steps for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

The first step which can be conducted when you want to refinish kitchen cabinets is removing the hinges. Perhaps, this belongs to the easiest step when compared to the others. Removing the hanging is important because it is impossible if you want to refinish the cabinets but you get the hinges still hanging up. After that, you can take down the doors of cabinet.The second step which can be conducted after taking down the doors, you should sand the cabinet doors. Sanding doors can be conducted by using a sanding block or sanding paper. However, if you have the sanding machine, you can use it for making the process efficient. In this step, you need to make sure that you sand the doors with the fine-grip sanding paper in order to have the smoothest result.Nevertheless, if you own some of the paint layers which are already in your cabinets, you should sand with the higher grade of sanding paper or sanding block. In this process, you should use the safety glasses and mask for protecting you from wood chips which can go into your mouth or eyes. If you want to remove the prior finish, you will need longer times.After you sanded all, another step is refinishing kitchen cabinets by painting them. In this process, you can use painter or the other types of finishers. It depends on your preference. If you want to use painter, you need to ensure that you apply the primer coat as well as no stain or damage which are shown. Besides that, it is highly recommended for using the oil-based paints which will give the better finishing in the longer time as well as dry harder.After you have already conducted all of the process, it is time for the final step of refinishing kitchen cabinets, hanging back the cabinet doors. This process is little difficult and you may need more time in refinishing them. However, if you conducted this by yourself, you will save your money. This step may also need your great effort and time because you should ensure that the kitchen cabinets are well-installed.Those are all which can be conducted when you want to refinish kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them by the new ones. Refinishing them by yourself can save your more money and it can make you more skillful.

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