family tree wall decor metal

family tree wall decor metal

 Replacing the decoration in the wall is the best approach to make new virtual look. In some reasons, people are going to create something which is the opposite of the previous look. This can be inferred that the traditional wall features will be transformed into the modern features. This will deal a lot to the minimalist house which is basically tied with modern design. One of the rising decorations right now is tree wall decor. To apply it, there are two main ways. First, we do it manually with the paint or second, it is portrayed with the sticker wall. Both of them have the benefits and the drawbacks.

Benefits install wall tree

First benefits having tree wall decoration with the manual paint, we can imitate the pictures or color based on our desire. The wall has to be cleaned from any smooth disturbing materials like a dash. This will offer remarkable result on the textures which is not gentle. After that, it is polished by the sealer purposed to enhance the color of the paint. Also, there is a huge gap to decrease the usage of the paint because every wall pores are closed. The last not but least, it is painted the background for tree wall décor with the vertical or horizontal one line. This is the necessary part to make sure the line of the paint is tidy. Utility, the tree is painted based on the imitation of a pictures or our creativity. One of the examples would be a fairytale tree for the children room. This design requires orange paint about 3 kg and three types of color for the tree element in 1 kg size.Planning to draw Before painting the wall, draw a plan is necessary regarding to image positions, theme’s image, and supporting detail of images. This will avoid the problem on of failure or the space allocation. Another thing, wall tree painting has tree knowledge symbol. This symbol looks like yin and yang because the roots and the leaves have a similar shape. The best combination is the white for the background and black for the tree.To draw tree wall decal, this requires a high concentrate because the detail is symmetry lines. However, this manual paint has some drawbacks. If we do not a sense of art, the image will turn into something else. Sometime, it is worse beyond the expectation. Second, the sticker wall has printed by the manufactures with the patent image. To install it, this is surely piece of cake even this decoration wall is not as expensive of the expenditure for manual paint.Perhaps, it is surrounding $10 for one picture with 2m x 2m. The only problem to tackle is the space and the surface of the walls. As an example, tree wall décor with forest landscape is suggested to beautify the children’s room. This will bring such natural energy into the children’s psychology to be much calm. However, this sticker wall cannot be removed easily and it often takes away the surface paint.

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