antique cast iron clawfoot tub value

antique cast iron clawfoot tub value

Tub is one of the most important things applied in your bedroom. However, tub should be chosen carefully. It will be a good idea to consider unique tubs. For example is a tub that comes with clawfoot. Today, clawfoot tub is very popular and becomes one of the most favorite tub options for many people. So, you can also follow them. There are many so many products of antique clawfoot tub available in the market. To find the best one, you can compare the following recommended options below.

Votamuta Brass Clawfoot bathtub Shower

This is the first antique clawfoot bathtub I recommend to you. It comes with solid construction to make it strong as well as durable. Besides that, it also offers high quality ceramic valves that function to avoid dripping. Then, this tub also applies personal hand shower that comes with 59 inches of hose. In addition, it also has 2 cross handles as well as a diverter that function for the better water control. Considering the specs above, this bathtub is recommended so much for you.

Refinished Clawfoot Original Patina Tub

This tub also belongs to the best unique clawfoot tub. The exterior color is original patina. It looks very attractive. For the interior, it offers bright white. It looks very elegant. Made in 1920s, this bathtub still becomes a favorite choice for today’s modern tub. The materials used to make this tub are modified urethane, porcelain, and cast iron that come with high quality. The manufacturer of this tub is in the United States so that you should not be doubt of the quality.Claw Foot Add on Shower TubPriced less than $ 500, this antique clawfoot tub comes with 57.5 x 30 inches of curtain rod. Besides that, it also offers faucet that has vintage style. The faucet comes with lever handles made from porcelain. It also offers shower curtain and shower curtain rings. Then, you will also find a big shower head made of porcelain that comes with vintage style, too. The size of center inlets is 3 and 3/8. This bathtub looks very elegant with its full white color. Therefore, you will not be disappointed buying this unique tub.Prima Marketing Metal Antique Clawfoot TubIf you are looking for a cheap unique clawfoot bathtub, this can be your good choice. You can buy it for less than $ 10. With this treasure, your bathroom will look very good. It can be a comfortable and inviting bathtub every day. There are many designs of this antique tub so that you can choose it based on your desire. Comes in some parts, they are sold separately. The variety also happens to the pieces as well as the sizes.Brass Clawfoot Tub Antique Phone Style

This tub comes with very unique design. Comes with gold color, it looks very attractive. Besides the antique style, it also comes with hand shower that ease you to take a bath with this shower. So, you can consider buying this antique clawfoot tub.

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